...to Moving Terrain AG, the leading manufacturer of Moving Map Systems with original pilots charts. Here you will find innovative and highly engineered products and services. Benefit from our customized and professional service of our international team.

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MT Terrain EFIS

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Moving Terrain – Innovative MFD Systems since 1993

MT VisionAir im Marenco Helicopter

Statements of our Customers

"The operation of the MT VisionAir X system is good, in particular the visualization. The integrated GPS antenna module enables a quick positioning on the display in my Cessna 172. With the battery pack you are no longer dependent on an external power supply."

Steffen Müller, Cessna 172

"VisionAir X is super. It is great to work with. The resolution and brightness of the display are excellent, even in bright light."

Volker Schülke, Eurocopter EC 120


Why is Moving Terrain the market leader?

  • We offer the Moving Map system using original pilot charting which can be expanded to the full IFR range and as an EFB.
  • The VFR system uses original charting that incorporates and displays all IFR waypoints without extra costs.
  • The MFD offers stand alone, complete redundancy in case of total loss of cockpit electronics.
  • Moving Terrain has the best resolution in its class: the ARINC Slot unit (158mm wide) with a 1024x768 resolution.
  • Full automatic routing system BlitzPlan: IFR FPL directly from the aircraft.
  • The artificial horizon system (EFIS) that requires no gyros or extra sensor.
  • Unique high definition and satellite transmitted radar pictures for Europe (MT Satellite Radar) combined with original pilot charts.
  • MT Relief Dynamics:  3D terrain relief in combination with original pilot charts. The 3D chart from the cockpit's perspective is updated permanently via GPS.
  • pilot training available for IFR and VFR purposes.