Moving Terrain for Helicopters

An invaluable Help for Flying – developed for your Safety

Moving Terrain: Helicopter Application


MT Relief Dynamics: 3D Moving Map im Cockpit

When flying over unknown terrain, in busy airspace or in low visibility areas you are fully supported by our optimized system. Critical situations are immediately visible on the multi-function display. The pilot can react more quickly and thus avert hazards sooner rather than later.
Pilots have a visually connected view from the cockpit – with a perfectly positioned 3D terrain relief in combination with a pilot's chart. This immediately and significantly facilitates orientation and situational awareness even in bad conditions.

Fields of Application: Reliabiliy even under most difficult conditions

1. Search and Rescue (SAR) & Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Special Software for Search and Rescue: OPS-specific databases for hospitals, etc.

LX-HAR equipped with MT VisionAir X
Source: Luxembourg Air Rescue

LX-HAR Cockpit
Source: Luxembourg Air Rescue

Add On: Mission Management System MMS

    • Tracking: realtime information about position and availability optimize operation efficiency
    • Messaging: Communication via Iridum Satellite Net – any time, anywhere
    • Coordinated by Rescue Track, the leading system solution for the entire rescue chain
      Rescue Track


    • Primary and secondary rescue.
    • Detailed maps of all scales: overview maps >> hospital landing sites.
    • Targeting locations and streets via the integrated database.
    • Overlay of safety-relevant symbols on the map (e.g. obstacles) for increased low-level safety.

2. Increased Safety for Police and Military use

Police Force Thuringia supported by Moving Terrain

  • Night dimming for all lighting conditions.
  • With cockpit lighting synchronized dimming of screen and keys possible.
  • Suitable for NVG (night vision goggles).
  • FLIR camera connection available.
  • Camera focus control on the part of the pilot for film and TV recordings.


3. After "Cloudbreak"

Cloudbreak: VFR/IFR Wechel

Changing visual conditions and the associated change from IFR to VFR – this is one of our strenghts. Due to the configuration of our systems (VFR and IFR) and the intuitive handling the display quickly shows the information that is important for your individual flight situation.

Moving Terrain for helicopter missions

4. Obstacles

Display of obstacles for whole Europe with coloured icons over the chart: power lines, cable cars, radio towers, pipelines, wind turbines etc.

a) 3D Version

MT Obstacles 3D

b) 2D Version

Moving Terrain Obstacles in 2D

5. Offshore

Offshore wind turbines are displayed in 3D with the danger zone marked for the rotor blades. According to the relative height of the helicopter (corr. danger zone) the icons are shown in intuitive colours (green, yellow, red). Your wind park is captured in our database individually – with location and dimensions of the farm, even with the size of the rotor blades. 


You may find the new MT VisionAir X  most suitable for your flight operation


MT VisionAir X



MT VisionAir X
Heli Offshore

(Helicopter Offshore)