The Aviation Centre of Competence at Kempten Airfield

Avionic Competencies under one roof

Manufacture and Quality Assurance

  • Quality assurance documentation is oriented to international standards.
  • Quality assurance always by at least two independent, qualified associates.

Software Development

  • All software engineering inhouse guarantees independence and openness for further development.
  • Some program parts are under patent protection, e.g. in USA.
  • Core competencies in the sphere of faster and 100% stable running self-engineered multi-tasking processes.
  • Own chart standard for a globally compatible format.
  • Smart time management optimizes MT software – hardware interface.

Equipment Development

  • Since 1996 the design and development of all MT devices has been performed inhouse.
  • Specialists for software, hardware and certification have been with the company for many years.
  • With the appropriate inhouse expertise we execute customized adaptations.
  • Due to our many years of experience with procurement in the specialized supplier market we have comparatively fast and reliable access to system components. We check and optimize our resources regularly.
  • The equipment satisfies aviation environmental standards.


  • MT VisionAir X and Easy Mount tested and certified refering to DO160 F Environmental Criteria.
  • MT VisionAir X approved ETSO C113 F as Multi-Function-Display.
  • Extensive Know-how in avionic certification.

In-Flight Testing

  • "Pilots on staff": design and ease of operation in the cockpit are critically tested and perfected in practice.
  • Tested on different aircraft platforms.
  • All Master Systems and program modules undergo extensive ground and inflight tests.

Charts and NAV Databases

  • Original charts – full colour, high resolution with brilliant reading, seamless and up-to-date.
  • Charts are digitized inhouse, special charts for differing customer demands, too.
  • Digital data is optimized by mathematical processes and intelligent storage guarantees fast loading processes and outstanding legibility.
  • Large inhouse worldwide chart database.

EDMK airfield in immediate proximity of Moving Terrain

We are easy to reach: the EDMK airfield lies in the immediate proximity of the company site!

Support and Documentation

  • The total know-how is available inhouse – all technical questions are answered personally by qualified staff – in German, English and French.


Presence at major trade fairs

  • Company Newsletter provides information on new developments at regular intervals.
  • Brochures and other literature are founded on an intimate knowledge of our products and technologies.
  • Articles about us appear regularly in magazines and on television.
  • We are present at major trade fairs, where we offer practical test opportunities for original Master Units.
  • Extensive sales database containing many personal, long-standing contacts: satisfied customers of the first hour remain loyal to our system and their good suggestions have contributed to the quality of our products.
  • We maintain close and fruitful contact to the leading LTBs.