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Moving Terrain – Innovative MFD Systems since 1993 – designed by pilots for pilots

3d terrain warning approach

Customer Feedback Martin Jamer, Commercial Pilot:

„Regarding operation MT is the hit – I never needed the user manual up to now...

  • Moving Terrain is a clear safety benefit. Complex informationen are concentrated on one display
  • the territorial registration of incidents during departure and landing is simplified extensively....
  • the brilliant display with high resolution is really unique."

Terrain Warning and Flight Guidance on Split Screen in 2D and 3D

Customer Feedback Steffen Keppeler, ATP:

"The versatility of Moving Terrain is unique...

  • but the biggest advantage for me is cancelling IFR rules and start VFR rules.
  • the ICAO chart does not only show the current position at a glance but also gives important frequency information by displaying VFR reporting points.
  • I can orientate myself intuitively without "studying" the unit – there is nothing comparable regarding the changes of flight rules VFR / IFR."MT Terrain EFIS

MT Terrain EFIS

Unique: 3D chart as artificial horizon – in real time – without gyro

The synchronized display of 2D and 3D chart gives perfect Situation Awareness w.r.t. position and flight attitude. Instant motion thru activated attitude sensor technology inside the MT-VisionAir X – independant of on board power and on board sensor systems.


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„In every helicopter a MT-VisionAir X should be installed“.

Feedback Martin Stucki, CEO Marenco Swiss Helicopter AG

MT VisionAir im Marenco Helicopter